The Future of Accounting is Digital: F&A Predictions

Accounting And Finance In 2021

Last Updated March 30, 2023

The year of surprise is just about, to begin with, the start of 2021 for finance and accounting and the majority of other businesses. Digital transformation is a resource tool for all businesses. Currently, as most thriving businesses have to work remotely and sustain their bookkeeping services in 2021, it is not going to be an easy feat to do so. Companies now perpetuate the need to invest in technology to accumulate the digital transformation journey, moving to a modern accounting model. This will help them immensely to stimulate business growth, the company’s systems data automation manual, and so on.

The Future of Digital Accounting: Finance and Accounting

The year 2020 has been full of losses and unprecedented situations at the business and domestic levels. With the ongoing scenario, it’s hard to predict what will happen to the face of finance and accounting in 2021. However, how business has managed to survive has shed some positive light on us. With the ongoing instability, we are yet able to predict some incitements that can help us evaluate the future of accounting in the digital world.

Let’s take a look at what accounting and finance hold for businesses in the future.

  1. Automation isn’t Questionable Anymore

The use of technology to automate routine tasks, such as data entry and reporting, will free up time for accountants to focus on more strategic and value-adding activities.

From office work to remote work, automated work is the solution, at hand remedy for all. This concludes the routines, rules-based tasks, and so on, everything will be automated from now on. The dwindling conditions aren’t promising as one might have hoped for. More than 50% of accounting and finance professionals are signaling automation, its impact on their company, and work performance.

Initiating an automated process is now a better option. For this very reason, financial leaders are not hesitating anymore in making larger investments in services like cloud computing and software. This allows the service provider and the company to work together even remotely or can use the hybrid approach.

  1. Remote Working is the New Norm

Cloud-based software will enable accountants to access financial data from anywhere, collaborate in real-time, and streamline workflows. Considering the current situation, more than 54% of the CFO’s plans are based on remote work now – as a permanent option.

To initiate remote work requires two parts.

    • Companies must commit to providing the right tools, bookkeeping software and so, to their staff or hire adequate authorities to do the job.
    • Overcome the hurdles to champion virtual teamwork and collaboration. The cross-functioning individual team management is a daunting task that needs to be conclusive.

Because lack of personal interaction or employee engagement can affect productivity levels even for the accounting and finance departments, it is important to maintain the “online corporate culture” too. It’s rather vital to have a virtual open-door policy for the outsourced bookkeepers and accountants hired and for the in-house staff too.

  1. Prioritize Investment in Hiring and Developing Top Talent

Everyone is currently doing more than they are capable of doing which is saying something. Accountants are being asked to stay connected 24/7 and the work pressure in remote work is even more. Therefore recruiting new talent is already a new challenge, especially for finance and accounting. Even before the pandemic, it was tough but now nurturing is more vital than ever to get the books done properly and in an efficient manner.

Firms are now investing in tools and technologies that are fruitful in maintaining time, reducing time-consuming tasks, and offering smart solutions like CPA  software that shares the work burden for every accountant. In the world of finance, a diverse set of skills is now required so individuals motivated to learn new skills, focus on analysis, and embrace digital accounting are the target.

  1. Candidate Recession

Higher demand in the market for accounting and finance has stirred high-rise competition which has highlighted the availability of lesser stable talents. So yes, there’s a huge possibility that hiring new talent is not easier.

Possible chances are the experts are hard to cater to and chances of finding the right talent that is suitable for the firm. To resolve the issue, HR can revisit the candidate hiring criteria to broaden the candidate list to ensure more people can apply for the job. This is a more concise and clearly pointed way of hiring new talent. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack.

If a  firm is flexible in its hiring process, it will definitely have more chances to find and hire new talent.

  1. Global Connections

What’s the use of social media in accounting and finance? It’s the same as others, to make global connections. Several accounting and finance firms have followed in the footsteps of social media, to interact with the online business world. Social media platforms are now being used more aggressively to draw customer attention and make global connections. Accounting firms are now deeply rooting for the social media marketing game too. Developing their side of online presence is vital to stay in the game and approaching new connections in the form of potential clients.

  1. Blockchain:

The adoption of blockchain technology could provide a secure and transparent way to record and verify financial transactions, reducing the need for intermediaries and increasing trust in financial reporting.

  1. Enhanced security:

Technology can provide enhanced security for financial data, helping to prevent fraud and unauthorized access.

  1. More value-adding activities:

With routine tasks automated, accountants will have more time to focus on value-adding activities such as business strategy, analysis, and advisory services.


The digital trend may now be shaping the world of accounting and finance. Instead of hiring in-source staff, accountants are now being outsourced by the small businesses. My Count Solutions is one of the accounting services with a proven record of providing online accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll tax services to its clients. With the digital approach now, clients have a better chance of gaining a professional accountant expert.