Audit Representation for Businesses Made Easy

My Count Solutions is the lucky draw you need to handle your IRS audit. Let the experts handle the books and prepare you and your team members before the big day arrives. Learn more

Audit representation services
Audit Representation services

Audit Defense

We bring expertise and knowledge and provide audit guidance to improve your operations.

Audit Representation services

Customers Relationship

Let’s resolve the financial queries, your business operations, and handle mismanaged books.

Audit Representation services

Certified Public Accountant

It’s time to manage your risks effectively with the expertise of professionals in the relevant field.

Audit Representation services

Quality Audit Assurance

Clients deserve business maturity, profits, and an excellent audit representation when it’s time.

Looking for a Professional Audit Representation at Last Minute?

My Count Solutions is here to help businesses buried in taxes and piles of statements. Let us take care of audit season by preparing, arranging, and filing the taxes right on time. You can rely on the capable expertise of CPAs, available on your needs.

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Get your Finances on Track

Audit representation services

Dedicated Team of Audit Professionals

Months of overdue books will be handled by a team of audit experts. Get the tax preparations checked and rechecked with professional accuracy. You have nothing to worry about.
  • Establishing Financial Reports
    The methodical review and objective examination are handled with a high level of expertise. The CPAs determine the right passage for the financial data by managing the books and takes care of verifying data with invoices and receipts.

  • Ensured Financial Credibility
    Our CPAs are known to dedicate time and effort to audit assurance. Clients are promised to experience a piece of effective communication information that makes data location easy and gains financial credibility for the IRS.

Audit Responsibility in Action

Are your tax returns questionable? Your financial statements are the facts that a CPA will use in your favor. The team of experts will prepare you for the upcoming audit. It’s a total win-win for your business.
  • Fraud Investigation
    Is your business under the scrutiny of hassling money? My Count Solutions takes care of the miscommunication and joins missing pieces of financial information together to provide a possible solution.

  • Agreed Procedures
    Every piece of financial information taken into account is directed to the client to make sure the data processing is according to the agreed procedures.
Audit representation services

What our clients are saying

The audit is such a nightmare. I couldn’t have managed it alone but CPAs took care of everything and guided me all the way.

Dana Schafer

Overdue accounts and books are way in the past now thanks to My Count Solutions.

Susan Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

My Count Solutions offers subscription plans for its clients with respect to the provided services. We assure an affordable cost for clients and the nature of payment may vary on the basis of the business situation.
The filing status determines your income that is taxed such as you may be single, married (with joint or separate returns), a qualified widow(er), and so on. We cover all filing statuses.
It is advised to have an outsourced bookkeeping service offering a variety of tax-related services from the beginning of your business. Even if your business is not being audited, you still should hire the representative before the ending of the fiscal year ends.
My Count Solutions used upgraded software based on cloud technology that keeps the data of our privileged clients safe and secure. Only the assigned professional and client himself can avail the information for use.
Yes, it is. But not every notice means an audit. Our professional team of tax consultants and CPAs will provide you the right answers to your queries at 214 919 8080

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