Bookkeeping Services

As a small business owner you have more important things to do than bookkeeping, My Count Solutions provides experienced, affordable and dependable bookkeeping and daily money management services to your small businesses

Tax Preparation Services

Your relationship with the IRS, simplified. We’re dedicated to our clients. And we've represented them in audits with the Internal Revenue Services. This keeps us current on tax laws so we’re always ready for the toughest situations to get you covered.

Payroll Services

At My Count Solutions, our experienced payroll team provide cost effective and comprehensive payroll management services to a broad range of companies.

Audit Representation Services

My Count Solutions will be able to assist you in Governmental agencies audits such as but not limited to IRS Audits, Sales Tax Audits and Department of Labor Audits

Business Valuations

We are accredited in Business Valuation to handle business valuations in full. which means the process of determining the current worth of a business, using objective measures, and evaluating all aspects of that business.

Business valuation is typically conducted when a company is looking to sell all or a portion of its operations or looking to merge with or acquire another company.

Valuation is also important for tax reporting. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that a business is valued based on its fair market value. Some tax-related events such as sale, purchase or gifting of shares of a company will be taxed depending on valuation as well.