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At My Count Solutions, we optimized process and experts in Online Bookkeeping can manage your finances, prepare your statements and file your taxes. At a fraction of the cost. It’s pretty simple. Learn more

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Our Journey

We are located in Dallas, TX, USA. After leafing through many business surveys, we came to a point that every sort of business either small or large requires bookkeeping consultancy. We created a platform for companies to ease their bookkeeping consultancy needs. We provide a bulk of bookkeeping services to meet the needs of companies. In our firm upgraded procedure and specialists in online bookkeeping can deal with your funds, set up your announcements and document your assessments.

How We Operate

Nowadays, people are being shifted to Automate bookkeeping software from manual ledgers. But for that too, there is an indispensable requirement of an bookkeeper who can manage the daily bookkeeping activities. At a small amount of the expense. It’s truly basic. Using My count Solutions is incredibly useful particularly with regard to burden seasons. Tax season is known to be a serious agony, and this is particularly valid for entrepreneurs. Anything that can ease any disappointment, regardless of how little, makes certain to be invited by any company.

24/7 at your Service

With My Count Solutions, you’ll have 24/7 access to your financial and tax returns, and a highly secure online storage for all documents and receipts. Never worry about losing or misplacing a document again! Besides, this we provide plenty of bookkeeping add-ons to cater to much of your needs. Fortunately, a decent cloud-based accounting programming system can do only that. Without question, My Count Solutions comes up with all such benefits.

Want Bookkeeping Payroll or Tax Preparation?

We are happy to serve your needs of bookkeeping, payroll services and Tax preparation services. Sign up for a trial, and get full access to My Count Solutions.

My Count Solutions does it all… and does it better.


My Count Solutions provides experienced, affordable and dependable bookkeeping and daily money management services to your small businesses.

Tax Preparation

Your relationship with the IRS, simplified. We’re dedicated to our clients. And we’ve represented them in audits with the Internal Revenue Services.


At My Count Solutions, our experienced payroll team provide cost effective and comprehensive payroll management services to a broad range of companies.


My Count Solutions will be able to assist you in Governmental agencies audits such as IRS Audits, Sales Tax Audits and Department of Labor Audits.

Every day, you’re confronted with more prominent customer requests than any time in recent memory. Get our exquisite accountancy aid that will assist you with acing each part of your work on, including bookkeeping and evaluating, charge, finance, firm administration, Taxes, audit — and everything in the middle.

With coordinated duty and bookkeeping arrangements like My Count Solutions Professional Suite, you’ll gain the time and aptitude you have to prompt customers on everything from new guidelines to business extension — and, you’ll work on a computerized first work environment that pulls in top ability.

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Susan Smith

I tried the enterprise version of My Count Solutions, successfully compelled me to purchase it.

Susan Smith

North Texas

Clay Mangat

I think it’s the current utility of every company. Hat’s off to My Count Solutions, you people eased my accountancy processes.

Clay Mangat

Moe Hospitality

Ash Shetty

I am so glad to find the best accountancy services provider for my business. The best thing is flexible plans and security.

Ash Shetty

Omega Industries