Affordable pricing means there is a tier of service for every budget

At My Count Solutions, we offer reliable financing strategies as well as options. Select the right package for your business needs.

2 Accounts

$300 /mo

Pre-paid annually


3 Accounts

$325 /mo

Pre-paid annually


4 Accounts

$350 /mo

Pre-paid annually


5 Accounts

$450 /mo

Pre-paid annually


Manage Financial Risk or Manage the Financial for your Business

If you’re interested to see the work we can do for you, let us show you how we can solve your financial queries. Take advantage of our one month free trial, completely risk-free! We’ll take care of your books for a month. At the end, we’ll deliver you with an accurate income statement and balance sheet.

Professional Bookkeepers

Real humans will be taking care of your bank accounts and managing the cash flows while you run your business effortlessly.


Financial Experts

Let the experts observe and evaluate your finances in the smarter way possible at every step.


Tax Consulting

Discuss your financial concerns with our team of best bookkeepers, CPAs, and accountants as per your business operations.

4 Things You Need to Know About Financial Statements Generated by Bookkeepers

Need Help from a Bookkeeper?

If you want to take care of your overdue books and accounts, our bookkeepers will make it their first priority to manage your finances efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

All pricing packages are designed keeping startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations in mind. You can choose any of the above-mentioned packages that best meet your business requirements using the Free Trial.
If you are opting for our tax preparation services, then tax advisory is an included feature. It also includes tax planning and discussions with the CPA without any extra cost.
All businesses can pay via their credit card. No other mode of payment is acceptable.
Typically, we respond within 24 hours or the next business day to answer all financial and business-related queries. You can reach us via or Contact Number214 919 8080
Quickbooks offer you the accounting tool for you to do your own bookkeeping. However, My Count Solutions does the bookkeeping for you with a team of financial experts and the latest cloud technology.
You need to follow a simple step i.e. Get the free trial. If you feel you have found the bookkeeping solution you can Get Started here.

Take action to get your overdue books caught up

    Take action to get your overdue books caught up with Bench

    Request a free consultation with a historical bookkeeping expert who can help you decide if Bench is right for your business.