Tareq Salah is an accomplished Certified Public Accountant and a Visionary Entrepreneur with 10+ years of business consulting, tax accounting, and financial accounting experience. He specializes in tax compliance at the state and federal level, has prepared thousands of tax returns and led the financial division of hundreds of privately owned businesses throughout the US.

Leveraging his accounting expertise and in-depth experience to change how the old accounting work was done, he founded My Count Solutions. Established in 2011, My Count Solutions is a client-focused professional firm offering online and on-site bookkeeping and tax preparation services to people and organizations nationwide. The firm gives customers the most significant levels of specialized ability, personalized services, and assists them with understanding complex tax rules.

With his team, Salah will assist you by fitting valuable budgetary records to your particular business needs. Like you, they’re business people. They understand that an accountant must be more than a numbers person. They comprehend business itself, particularly your business.

They have worked with numerous industries such as hospitality, manufacturing and services, medical and international businesses, and helped their clients with bank financing and any way that kept them growing. Salah helps new businesses establish their LLCs and corporations and leads them throughout the way. He has represented hundreds of businesses in local and federal governmental audits.

He has in-house teams with diverse backgrounds, all of whom have the same goal: to simplify bookkeeping and tax management for businesses and entrepreneurs by providing big firm services without big firm inconvenience. The team is all led and supervised by Salah.

Why wait? Simplify your bookkeeping now.