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My Count Solutions is a complete payroll service that makes keeping your books simple, easy, and foolproof. Try the flexible online payroll services to fit the needs of your business. Learn more

Real time payment

Real-Time Payments

A quick solution to eliminate the risk of late or missed payroll. Keep your payroll running

Mutual Understanding

Mutual Understanding

We get to know your business at each level and walk through how My Count Solutions works

Payroll services

Managed Payroll

Handling finances, driving cost efficiency, and improving payroll accuracy helps build resilience

Payroll services

Stress-Free Taxes

Outsourcing the payroll services means on-time tax filings and tax returns with ease

Looking for a Payroll Service that Pays?

Payroll is the backbone of any business. My Count Solutions pairs you with an excellent group of experts who can roll the payroll on time. Our team of expert bookkeepers works with you to get caught up right on track before the tax season strikes.

Your All in One Payroll Solution

payroll services

Support of Expert Bookkeepers

Managed payroll services are underpinned with professional bookkeepers who harness the financial data and adopt the information and HR services into the software for payroll.
  • Dedicated Payroll Transparency
    The modern, secure, and technology-driven portals are used to generate automated payroll processing eliminating the manual approach.

  • Flexible Support of Payroll Team
    An exceptional customer experience begins with on-time salaries, tax filings, and much more. Easily drop queries with the customer representatives.

Online Payroll on Hand

The team of bookkeepers maintains the financial data, prepares reports, and takes all employee’s information into account. Payroll is not a hassle anymore.
  • HR Admin Services
    My Count Solutions offers extra support to your internal HR administration. Our experts eliminate the critical crisis of contracts, updating the employee information, and much more.

  • Advisory Services
    Now you have access to the team of professional consultants to plan and evaluate your payroll processing, generate end-to-end process reviews, and reconciliations.
payroll services

What our clients are saying

The Payroll services at My Count Solutions are affordable and worth it.

Dag Teferawork

I found My Count Solutions very supportive during my initial business days in handling the finances.

Ekrem Hyseni

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. My Count Solutions uses the latest technology like accounting software to maintain and generate the payroll. Our team uses a cloud-based platform that ensures confidentiality and security of data.
Yes, it does. My Count Solutions uses the latest software that features an integrated payroll with the accounting system. Files are updated online and information is entered into the payroll data.
Yes, My Count Solutions provides HR integrated services, for instance, employees time tracking, report making, scheduling, and so on.
My Count Solutions provides a compliant system. The use of software allows the bookkeepers and accountants to take care of time, attendance, and work submission, etc. into account. A fully integrated report is prepared to guarantee record keeping.
Our customers do not have to worry about any hidden surcharge. My Count Solutions offer competitive pricing for its customers to ensure the payroll services are affordable without any hidden surcharge.

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