Best Tax Preparation Services on Deck

My Count Solutions improves the tax determination accuracy to improve the client’s business. Get the industry-specific taxes handled with expert tax consultants at the fraction of cast. Learn more

Tax Preparation
Tax Preparation services

Business Expansion

The streamlined and organized tax reports will play a major role in easing the tax complexities

Tax Preparation services

Better Performance

Improving business performance to expand and accommodate high volume sales is possible

Tax Preparation services

Trusted Domain

Choose My Count Solutions as your most trusted tax firm in the USA for tax preparation

Tax Preparation services

All Business Types

From individual tax preparation to large firms’ taxes, we are your helping hand

How do Tax Preparation Services help?

Tax preparation is direct when all financial data is taken into account. My Count Solutions with their expert team players manage the books, prepare the invoices, receipts and sync the bank accounts to keep the record straight.

Tax Solutions Under One Roof

Tax Preparation

Reliable Tax Consultancy

A reliable source to generate automated indirect tax determination is more than just a handy option. Large or small, every business now has the opportunity to prepare their taxes without trouble.
  • Business Tax Preparation
    Business security is correlated to the job security of employees. My Count Solutions reward the clients by preparing business taxes, taking care of financial freedom, and more.

  • Tax Return for Individuals
    My Count Solutions handle individual tax returns with discounted rates. Our taxable income and official forms are taken care of from previous years without missing a deadline.

Catch up with Benefits Easily

Enjoy the perks of tax preparation services in just a few clicks. The smart business choice is to let the experts handle the tax filings and tax returns on your behalf.
  • Non-Profit Tax Preparation
    Being the best tax preparation services near me, look at My Count Solutions for retaining tax-exempt status, tax analysis, and more.

  • FBAR Filing
    Handling foreign accounts is now easier with My Count Solutions. The experts take a keen look over the client’s foreign accounts and have the financial interest and signature authority to file the FBAR.
Tax Preparation

What our clients are saying

My Count Solutions provided me with the guidelines while my business was a sinking ship. They took care of my tax problems with expertise.

Dag Teferawork

I have forgotten what tax problems feel like anymore! All I can say is that I’m glad to choose My Count Solutions.

Paul Gahng

Frequently Asked Questions

My Count Solutions prep and file taxes for its customers. Once the bookkeeper completes the year-end reports, the Tax Coordinator, Tax Advisor, and Tax Prepare will work on your tax return.
Yes, My Count Solutions provides professional experts to take care of the clients. Although licenses can vary between the CPAs, and tax attorneys, etc.
As long as you have an active account with us, your financial information will be taken care of in the most discreet ways. However, the IRS does require us to retain the filed tax returns for at least three years.
Accordion Sample DescriptionYes, of course! My Count Solutions takes care of the sole proprietors, S-Corps, C-Corps, and partnerships as well. You can easily add-on for personal filing.
My Count Solutions offers its services for all types of small and large businesses operating within the US.

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