How To Find The Perfect Accountant For Your Small Business

Business Tax Accountant

When is the right time to hire a business tax accountant?

The question may raise a few eyebrows saying as if “what? You still don’t have an accountant to look after your taxes?” Well, it’s not much of a surprise that amateur small businesses or entrepreneurs are always on the hunt to get the best business tax accountant near me. However, this task can be tiring too for a lot of reasons. Maybe as a businessman, you are spending way too much and not able to keep the proper track of the expenditures or income as you ought to do.

The idea is to hire an accountant right away so that your business doesn’t struggle from the very beginning. This will also help the accounts to keep the financial information like cash flow statements, balance sheet, and all the related information on the tab and keep the record straight for once and all. If you do tend to hire the accountant at the last moment, it will put pressure on the hired help too.

However, it’s never too late to start hunting for a professional accountant.

But where to begin?

Easy Steps to Get Hold of the Best Business Tax Accountant Near Me

Professional accountant services are quite invaluable even for a small business group. They are the bookkeepers and the ledger makers, balancing the soul of the business.

You may not be able to navigate the taxes on time, but an accountant will do it. So, in order to get the most out of the services of a tax expert, the following tips will help you to find a professional.

1. Referrals – Ask From Fellow Businessmen’s

What do you need to ask other businessmen? Keep the questions light, easy, and basic so that you know about their experience in hiring the accountant.

You can ask them about the accounting service providers or even individuals who provide their accounting services to do taxes for you online. This may sound a little tricky but it’s not, as long as you find them via the right search portal. Getting a worthy referral is the first step to find the best business tax accountant near you.

Besides, the good mouth of the word, using the internet is one way to go about finding the accountant you want through yellow pages or even on the freelancing sites.

Or you can also make a list of the referrals you got from others. Call them in their workplace and plan a meeting if possible (you can even do it online).

2. Shortlist The Name of Accountants

Once you have made a list of the top 5 accountants near me, then you need to prepare for the next step – call them.

The call is about the required services they provide, the hourly rate, amount of work to be done, etc everything will be discussed. Once you have called them one by one, now you can make a comparison list and see if their qualification, experiences, and the number of services are according to your requirement or not.

You can research the stated qualifications and see whether they are valid or’s always best to interview the accountants in person.

3. Listen Closely to An Accountant

The interview allows you to learn about the accountants at a professional and personal level. You may encounter an accountant who is bilingual or multilingual. English may not be their first language, so while they speak, get them talking. This way you can learn how proficient the English speaking skills are. You must be able to understand and follow every word they say.

You can’t take risks for your business on the accounts of language preference. 

Suppose the accountant being referred to you is great at preparing tax documents and has a strong grip and understanding of the terminologies and latest policies too. But is weak on the lingual terms.

What to do then?

You’ll have to cut loose, unfortunately. It is important that you bond with the accountant as he will be handling your taxes.

4. Area of Expertise

Although the nature of work for all accountants are particularly similar at the ground level, if you start dividing them into the industrial niche, then the level of services will vary.

You need to choose an accountant that has experience in the size and sector of the business you are involved with. You may be a proud owner of the local convenience store and want to hire an accountant at the end of the year so that you can file your taxes. An accountant from the domestic side won’t do the deed.

What good an accountant is whose area of expertise is the pubs rather than a good convenience store or a local product manufacturer? Even accountants need to have an understanding of the income and expenditures being conducted in the line of business.

5. Acts on your Behalf

A good and professional accountant acts as your agent with the HMRC, the official taxman. Hiring an accountant means that they can save you from any potential complicated conditions where you are out of context. They have the experience and the expertise to handle difficult situations in case of tax deductions, filing for tax delays, and so on.

They understand the situation and are aware of the loopholes too which would otherwise go unnoticed.


When hiring the accountant, don’t be shy about asking the questions in detail and you need to assess the accountant’s knowledge in every light possible. Remember these tips to make sure you get the best professional available, therefore My Count Solutions is one way you can find the best accounting services. Give it a try.

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