Smart Ways To Find The Best Business Tax Accountant Near Me

Business Tax Accountant

Last Updated April 18, 2023

How important is a tax preparer for your business? We’d say very important.  To find the best business tax accountant near me, you still need to look in the right direction. Taxes are part of running the business successfully. You need to hire a third-party source a.k.a the tax preparers or tax advisors, who can file taxes on your behalf.

It’s amazing that almost 80% of tax preparers are never questioned about their credentials and portfolio. It’s good word of mouth. But is it enough to find the right tax accountant near you?

Probably not.

There’s only so much risk a small business is willing to take. There are certain things you need to consider when you are thinking to hire an accountant near me.

This article throws light on the ways you can find the best tax accountant for your business.

What Is The Role Of A Tax Accountant?

At the end of the fiscal year, the businesses are required to undergo taxes. They have to file for tax and tax returns.

Tax accountants are responsible to ensure that the tax laws are abided by individuals and small businesses according to their federal and state income tax returns. They may also help in tax planning, advice according to the business need.

The role of a tax accountant is challenging but utterly necessary for all kinds of businesses.

However, there are two types of tax accountants;

  • Corporate
  • Personal

As a small business firm, you will need to hire a CPA business tax accountant near me who is part of an accounting firm. Some of the primary responsibilities of the tax accountant include;

  • Collecting tax information on clients/companies
  • Review the financial books and ledgers
  • Analyze the financial records and budgets
  • Analyze collected data to find tax deductions or exemptions
  • Proposing strategies to minimize liabilities and to help reduce tax payments etc.

Useful Tips To Get Hold Of The Best Business Accountant Near Me

Due to the pandemic, many small businesses face trouble finding a CPA business tax accountant near me for the first time.

This happens due to the lack of proper planning and the fact that many small businesses do not entertain the idea of hiring tax accountants. If you want your business to thrive during the remote workings then you need to choose the tax accountant near me wisely.

CPA Tax Accountant

So when you start hunting for a tax accountant here are some ways that will prove to be helpful.

  1. Ask For A PTIN

    Also known as the Preparer Tax Identification Number, it is the basic information about the tax accountant. The IRS requires tax accountants to have a PTIN.
    If you are a volunteer tax preparer then you do not need the PTIN. It is reserved on the basis of compensation only. So when you are about to pick one of the business tax accountants near me, make sure they have a PTIN number because the IRS requires that too.

  2. Qualification Requirement

    When hiring for an entry-level job for tax accountants near me, you need to ensure that the required applicant has a college or university degree in related fields like Economics or Mathematics.
    Taxation is one of the branches of accounting. Most job opportunities are available in the accounting department. But if a tax accountant wants higher-ranked jobs and better wages, then they must pursue the certification. So when you hire the tax accountant ask for the certifications too (depending on the job level).

  3. Professional Conduct

    A good word of mouth alongside the required credentials and a PTIN number go a long way. You can discuss and ask around for the desired CPA business tax accountant near you. But look in the right direction.
    It’s best if you have a membership in a professional organization like;

    1. National Association of Tax Professionals
    2. National Association of Enrolled Agents
    3. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
    4. American Academy of Attorney CPAs
  4. Fee Structure

    How much will a tax accountant cost? You need to keep in mind the average cost and the flat rate too. According to the National Society of Tax Professionals, the average cost for preparing Form 1040 is $203. A tax accountant not charging the flat rate can charge up to $138/hour.
    Either the tax accountants charge the minimum fee or they charge a set for each form. Do not fall for a tax accountant whose fees are based on your refund or who claims to get you a bigger refund.

  5. Lookout For E-File

    The world of taxation is changing too. Manual taxation practice is now also offered online. Therefore you need to get a business tax accountant near me who offers to provide e-file services too. The IRS requires the tax accountant (who has filed more than 10 tax returns) to file electronically.
    If they do not e-file, then it can be a sign that the person isn’t doing their job, may not be the right candidate or can be a fraud too.

  6. Audit Representation

    What is the sign of an excellent tax accountant near you? They have your back. Especially at the time of the audit, they stick to you to ensure that you do not spook and can fulfill the requirement for the audit.
    So, when you are looking to hire a CPA business tax accountant, they must complete the Annual Filing Season Program. Via this program, they can represent the clients in limited circumstances. Also, make sure that your tax accountant is available even during the off-season.

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