Signs to Find Out That Your Accounting and Tax Preparation Agent is Unprofessional

accounting and tax preparation

Last Updated October 4, 2021

Accounting and tax preparation is a tough task. Your accountant should be professional to conduct your accounting and tax preparation activities. Accounting firm training is compulsory for accounting and tax preparation tasks. There are three signs in which you can check whether your accountant is professional or not.

  • He’s Not Responsive

If you’re stressed to find and connect with your accountant for accounting and tax preparation, then he’s unprofessional. Your accountant, no matter how smart he might be, is not perfect. You are the client and he is the service provider. That means when you require a service, he needs to respond. Fast. Every good service provider recognizes this, and every good accountant returns call replies to emails, and replies to texts.

They are, within reason, accessible for their clients, even on nights and weekends. They are best with technology. They have a support system in place for staffers, administrators, responding services to make sure you know someone is there to aid. Clients don’t want to perceive that their accountant is “buried” or that it’s “busy season.” Skilled accountants know that they’ll be a bit busy between January and April 15, so they make sure they’ve got an infrastructure to shape that level of work.

  • He’s Not Proactive

A 2014 survey found that the main reason why businesses leave their accountants is that they weren’t getting practical advice. Accountants may not be tax experts, but accountants are not completely ignorant. They know that most tax returns can be accomplished with relative ease using software and a young staffer. They’re not paying our tax accountant to make tax returns. They’re being paid to give tax information. The code is complex and every business has its shades. Clients are always looking for an accountant to find ways to decrease the tax burden. This should be his primary function.

A capable accounting tax professional doesn’t wait for clients to call. He doesn’t hide behind the tax code in his office. He doesn’t avoid phone calls or runs away from glitches. Good accountants are reaching out to their clients practically. They meet with their clients during the year. They ask their clients for financial information way before the end of the year so they can make references.

Good accounting tax professionals are also good advisors and counselors. They don’t run away from serving their clients with issues beyond just taxes. Issues like personal financial planning, insurance, even business administration. We don’t know a single business owner who wouldn’t love a smart financial person to be on his or her team, submitting their recommendations proactively. If your accountant doesn’t appreciate this need, then he’s not professional.

  • Finally, He’s Just Not On Your Side

The worst accountants are the ones who think they’re an extension of the IRS.

Successful business owners and entrepreneurs don’t want to hear that. Business owners are leaders. They get things done. They find resolutions to problems. They don’t take “no” for the sake of an answer. They’re surely not asking their accountant to do anything that’s in contradiction of the law. But they require an accountant who is creative, innovative, and willing to weigh the risks and plunders of decisions that may or may not result in a tax obligation. They need someone on their side.

If your accountant is not on your side, then he’s unprofessional. He should be working with you to diminish your tax liabilities. He should be making references and also making you fully aware of your risks. If he truly values you as a client, he will be a partner eager to take reasonable risks with you. If the IRS does come bashing on your door, he should be not only well-versed in the place you’ve taken and ready to provide a solid foundation, but also ready to stand by you and not run for concealment. If your accountant is not willing to be in the den with you, then he’s not a partner. He’s just a tax return maker. And he’s unprofessional.

As you enter this year’s tax season, take another sight at your accountant. If he’s unprofessional, then find someone better. Otherwise, you’ll regret it!