Form 1065: The Declaration of Partnership Income


Published: 06/4/19

Form-1065: The Declaration of Partnership Income

Every business entity has to file a tax return through a different form. For instance, LLCs file their tax returns through different forms while a corporation has a different filing process. Similarly, business partnerships between individuals are declared through form-1065.

It is better to work with a tax preparation firm if you don’t want to experience any bookkeeping headaches while filing your business returns. Nevertheless, it is important that you must have basic knowledge regarding form-1065 if you are foraying into a business partnership. Let’s have a look at some of the salient features of this partnership tax return documentation.

Partner Tax Return

Form-1065 is also referred to as partner tax return. Interestingly, the form is not used to pay the actual taxes because as per the federal legislation, a partnership is also taxed like a sole proprietorship. In a sole proprietorship, the profits and losses of the entity are passed over to the owners. Similarly, individual partners of a partnership are responsible for the taxes that their business is liable for.

Then why one needs to fill out a form-1065?

Form-1065 is more of a record of all the profits, losses, debts and credits that an individual business partner inherits from a partnership. This information then helps both the IRS and the individuals with business taxes.

After establishing what they owe to the IRS, business partners finally pay their business tax returns through Schedule K-1 forms, which become part of their personal tax return.

How to Determine if You Are Working in a Partnership? Form-1065

In order to take care of any confusion in the first place, get in touch any good tax preparation firm.  They will determine the classification through which you are liable to pay taxes on your business. Besides having a formal partnership agreement, there are two instances where businesses need to file form-1065.

  • When an organization documented as LLC doesn’t file taxes as a corporation, it has the option to file as a partnership through form-1065.
  • Any partnership operating outside of the US generating annually $20,000 or 1% of the profit from within the country also has to file a form-1065.

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