Comparison Between Form 1099 vs W2 Form for Employees

Comparison Between Form 1099 vs W2 Form for Employees
1099 vs W2

Maintaining a dedicated team of employees is harder than it looks. The most challenging aspect is to differentiate the employees at the time of tax season. Without a dedicated HR persona or payroll services, it is hard to handle employee… Read More »

A Step-by-Step Guide of IRS Form 1065
IRS Form 1065

For someone interested in the partnership business, you need to get acquainted with IRS Form 1065. A partnership’s income, gains, losses, deductions, and credits are reported on IRS Form 1065, an annual informative tax return. As pass-through businesses, partnerships and… Read More »

Brief Guide About Income Payments on Form 1099
Form 1099

People say only two things are certain in life,  death, and taxes. You cannot skip either or even dare to. Where January marks the new year it also is the time of the year that makes the beginning of filing… Read More »

How To Fill Out Form 1065: Overview and Instructions
Form 1065

Sam and Phillip are the business partners for over 5 years now. Both are aware of each other’s business practices and therefore often rely on each other for completion of the work. But when it comes to paying taxes both… Read More »

Instructions for Filing Form 1040
Form 1040

Being a responsible citizen means you earn the hard way, pay the taxes, and also get facilitated by the government. Like any other US resident, you will submit the W2-Form on time in order to file for tax returns. It’s… Read More »

Form W-2: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know
Form W2 Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

It’s the time of the year when everyone is preparing for taxes. Soon by 31 January, you need to submit your W-2 form. It’s not just a piece of paper but the obligatory summary of the income and all other… Read More »

What is an IRS Form 1099 and What is it Used For
What is an IRS Form 1099 and What is it Used For

IRS 1099 Form is a bunch of forms that report several types of income. You make use of your IRS Form 1099s to figure out how much income you made during the year and what kind of income it was.… Read More »

Wage and Tax Statement: W2 Employer Form Guide for Small Business
W2 Form

Taxes wait for nobody. Not even for the small business startup which is in its early growth days. Why? Once you start your business, make the first purchase, and generate the revenue will make you eligible for the W2 employer… Read More »

Form 1099 for Independent Contractors: A Guide for Recipients
Form 1099 for Independent Contractors

Small business owners have a lot of tasks to take care of during a tax season. One important tax form that can cause confusion is Form 1099 for independent contractors. To avoid any penalties after submission of the tax form,… Read More »

Types of 1099 Form: What you Need to Know about Tax Filings
Types of 1099

The most important documents in the business terms are contracts, agreements, and tax forms. New startups find it hard to keep up with different types of 1099 Form required for tax filing returns. When it’s time to report about the… Read More »

Form 1065: The Declaration of Partnership Income

Form-1065: General instructions Aim of Form: Form-1065 is an information return. It is used to account for the credits, gains, incomes, losses, and some other important information acquired from partnership operations. The partnership components must be included in the tax/information… Read More »

Dealing with an Incorrect Form W2
Form W2

Dealing with an Incorrect Form W2 Have you received a form W2 that shows incorrect figures for your wage? If this happens with you just a few days before the tax-filing deadline, then you might get in trouble with the… Read More »

A Short Guide to Form 1120S
form 1120s

A Short Guide to Form 1120S The IRS issues form 1120 for corporations so they can file federal income tax returns. They have further categorized into C and S forms for C-corporations and S-corporations respectively. Since most of the small… Read More »

A Short Guide to Different Types of Form 1040
Different Types of Form 1040

Why does anyone want to do business? To earn great revenue. But one should also expect income tax in return. If you are self-employed you need to make the tax payments that you owe to the IRS. For this purpose,… Read More »

What Information Is Required to Fill the Corporate Tax Return Form 1120?
form 1120

The IRS has established a range of tax forms used by different commercial entities to file their taxes. For instance, all commercial ventures that are registered as corporations have to file their corporate tax returns through a form 1120.  All… Read More »