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Last Updated May 31, 2022

Wanting to hire online accounting services for small businesses like a bookstore is not surprising at all. With a huge list of books in inventories a proper ledger and bookkeeping system is required without a doubt. Not many share the love of books you may have. Hardcover books (paperbacks) are now being quickly replaced by e-books and online websites. But if you are a bookworm who loves the feel of a book in their hand, then you will be following your passion. You just need the right strategy to jumpstart your bookstore business.

It is not possible without small business accounting services. You need professional experts for professional consultation and hire them permanently for the job from the very beginning.

Competition is tough. Online book retailers’ sales reached around $13.4 billion (and it was way back in 2009) imagine how far reaching it will be now?

Bookstore retailers are quite common these days and therefore outpacing the need of the traditional bookstores. But if you find and hit the right consumer market, even a local bookstore can be successful.

How Online Accounting Services For Small Business Helps To Stay Afloat?

Many retailers or local bookstores find one aspect difficult more than ever. Running the operations smoothly in terms of inventory management and sales is critical for this line of business. Bookkeeping services for small business is just what you need to make sure that your inflows are more than your outflows.

The job of the bookkeeper will be to keep proper check and balance on the target sales, expenses like the cost of pricing and promotions, stock levels, and so on.

Choices For Bookkeeping Services

Running a bookstore business is no joke. You will need a bookkeeper with the required expertise in the relevant field. Maybe you are tired of using QuickBooks by yourself. Whatever the reason might be, it’s time for you to choose the type of accounting service for small businesses.

A small bookstore business does not have millions of dollars in revenue annually. So hiring a full-time and in-house accounting service may be out of the question for you. That’s why you have the following three options for bookkeeping services;

  • Freelance
  • Firm
  • Remote

Each of these options has its unique benefits and drawbacks. So before you can make a final pick let’s take a closer look into them.

Freelancing, Firm, And Remote Accounting Services

  • Freelancing is a likely option. It sounds more affordable if you have simple finances. This means your bookkeeper may not be available for every single business day.
  • A bookkeeping or accounting firm will appoint multiple bookkeepers/accountants to manage your tasks. It is a smart choice in terms of work efficiency.
  • Remote or online accounting services for small businesses are cloud-based software users. They have an excellent team of bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs who can do your books like My Count Solutions. It is a lot similar to the bookkeeping firm (as mentioned above) but it’s a smart practice. Your choice of online accounting services for small businesses might be located in the east of the US while you do business in the north.

It is the most convenient choice in terms of payments and work.

Quality Reasons To Choose Online Accounting Services For Small Business

The fact is online accounting services for small businesses like a bookstore are a suitable option based on the following factors.


A bookstore business may skyrocket with a release of a new bestseller or it can go sluggish the very next day. It’s hard to predict book sales. As a result, the profit or the revenue for the month will vary.

A bookstore owner always values the expenses. Especially when it’s related to online accounting services for small businesses, you need an affordable price. Most charge a flat monthly fee based on the working hours every month and the number of accounts handled.

As compared to freelancing and or a firm, hiring an online accounting service means straightforward finances.


Small business accounting services commonly use accounting software apps like My CPA Dashboard, QuickBooks, and Xero, etc. The use of software allows the accountants and bookkeepers to keep the bookstore owner up-to-date about the work progress.

The use of software also allows the accountants to automatically import their financial statements, upload and download bookstore ledgers. This way the process of making the progress report at the end of the month becomes faster. If you want an update on the inventory then accountants can customize the folders, and maintain a proper books inventory list, orders in process and sales incurred, and so on.

If you are considering hiring an online accounting service for small businesses then keep in mind that My Count Solutions works directly with its clients. The accountants assigned to handle the bookstore business will manage the information necessary for tax filing, tax returns, and so on. As the professional remote accounting service provider, a CPA can be directly connected. Organizing books, balance sheets, and financial statements at the year’s end are easier.


My Count Solutions is one of the local online accounting services for small businesses. We are offering multiple accountants to handle the bookstore among a comprehensive list of small businesses.

The team of accountants will manage work tasks related to the bookstore. It helps them to avoid the service gaps which is a lot common if you hire a freelance bookkeeper.

So like any online accounting service, My Count Solutions is equipped to manage the workflow surge even at the end of the fiscal year.


As a bookstore owner, you want a long-term relationship with the accounting service. You can count on My Count Solutions to do the desired job.


As a small business accounting service, My Count Solutions is worth hiring. For instance, the in-house training, certifications, upgrades in education, etc are a vital factor that makes the online accounting service worth hiring. Hence, My Count Solutions helps small-scale businesses tackle the world of accounting and bookkeeping in easier and manageable ways.

Online Accounting Services

Easy Accounting Solutions For Bookstore Business

Risk is part of running a small business. To avoid bad accounting practices, join hands with My Count Solutions. Contact us to learn more about how effectively you can run and promote your bookstore business successfully. Let’s clean the dust away from your books.

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