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Last Updated April 16, 2024

For a small business owner, knowing business consultants with the right expertise is imperative. The most favorite ones are usually outsourced for non-core functions and payroll processing is one of them. If you are looking for managed payroll services, you are moving in the right direction.

Payroll may not be the main core function but it is the second most important expense for any business. Investments are the first one. Businessmen aren’t likely the experts. They are not proficient in delivering payroll service up to customer satisfaction. Therefore they tend to hire an in-house expert or outsource the payroll services.

For small businesses, outsourced payroll services are a better option. It means less expense and the payroll experts will be handling the payroll accounts wisely.

What are Managed Payroll Services?

Managed payroll means outsourcing the responsibility of managing the payroll to a third-party source.

Managed payroll services are outsourced managing payroll processing. This means that a company will handle the labor and administrative tasks associated with payroll for you- instead of having to do it on your own or hiring someone.

In general managed payroll services;

  • Save time
  • Save money by reducing taxes
  • Simplify life for small business owners who would otherwise be bogged down by all the repetitive tasks and so on.

Outsourced Payroll services

What do Outsourced Payroll services do?

Outsourced payroll services have certain responsibilities;

  1. Payroll Tax and Deductions

Calculating payroll tax and deductions,  including FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act), Medicare Tax, and Federal Unemployment Tax.

  1. Wages and Compensation

Processing employment taxes such as Wages & Compensation; Income Taxes; Social Security Benefits; and local income/occupational taxes where applicable.

  1. Checks and Payments

Issuing checks for employees or issuing electronic payments to vendors on behalf of the company paying the managed payroll service provider.

  1. Data Maintenance

Posting data into employer accounts with various taxing authorities such as federal withholding, state unemployment insurance premiums, social security benefits taxation, etc.

  1. Updating Records

Maintaining employee records that are essential to running a managed payroll services organization which includes wage computations for current employees.

Outsourced payroll management is responsible for ensuring their small business clients manage all payroll activities.

How much do Average Payroll Services Cost?

Small businesses have a limited budget.

Therefore hiring a full-time expert is not in their favor.  Managed payroll services providers are usually paid on an annual basis or as a percentage of the company’s gross revenue (depending on the managed payroll service provider).

Benefits of Managed Payroll Services Small businesses can Enjoy

If you’re a small business owner, payroll can be one of the most stressful parts of running your company. This is why managed payroll services are so beneficial.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Services

Whether it’s just to get some relief from the stress or to save money and time on payroll processing, managed payroll services are worth considering.

  1. Information is easier to understand

Managed payroll services can help businesses present payroll information in a clear and easy-to-understand format. This can help employees understand their paychecks, deductions, and taxes, which can lead to improved morale and fewer questions or complaints. Additionally, when information is easier to understand, it can help prevent errors or misunderstandings that could result in financial or legal issues.

  1. Excellent customer service

Many managed payroll service providers offer dedicated customer support, which can be especially helpful for small businesses that may not have their own HR or payroll department. With a managed payroll service, businesses can receive prompt and professional assistance with any questions or issues related to their payroll. This can help minimize disruptions and keep the business running smoothly.

  1. Avoid penalties

Payroll mistakes can be costly, and penalties for noncompliance with payroll regulations can add up quickly. Managed payroll services can help businesses stay compliant with payroll regulations, reducing the risk of penalties and fines. Providers can help ensure that payroll taxes are calculated and paid correctly and that all required forms and filings are completed accurately and on time.

  1. Local knowledge from local providers

Managed payroll services can be especially beneficial for businesses that operate in multiple states or countries. Local providers can offer specialized knowledge of payroll regulations and tax laws in different regions, helping businesses stay compliant and avoid penalties. This can also help businesses avoid the cost and time associated with hiring additional staff or consultants to manage payroll in different locations.

  1. Time Efficiency

    Payroll management is no easy task. Intricate and minute elements like garnishments, new employees, terminations, and benefit deductions, to name a few, must be examined by the payroll department. Additionally, any modifications to federal or state regulations only serve to muddle matters further.
    Internally managing payroll is a demanding undertaking and businesses that do so annually waste valuable labor hours on W2 preparation. By giving your payroll accounting to a reputable company, you can stop worrying about these
    You can relieve yourself of the strain of thinking about these time-consuming procedures that demand absolute accuracy by outsourcing payroll accounting to a reputable company. It eliminates the need to manage timesheets, generate paychecks, and calculate benefits. Managed payroll services help to manage time by using the latest software such as accounting portals. Doing the work online saves you time and money.
    Especially if the HR department isn’t spending a lot of time on maintaining payroll systems, your business will save time for more important activities. Instead of manual data entries and double-checking the numbers, the outsourced payroll management will focus on saving time and applying strategic resources to increase productivity to optimize the workforce.

  2. Cost-Effective

    You may save a lot of money as a company by outsourcing the payroll process. If your business is a small or medium-sized one, this is especially true. If you run a small firm with limited resources and a small workforce, you should give outsourcing your payroll function to a reputable and experienced payroll service provider considerable consideration. Established businesses with a larger workforce may afford to have an internal payroll department.
    Payroll can be outsourced to a professional payroll service provider for significant financial savings when compared to doing it internally. Consider the duties your internal payroll executive will have to fulfill and the cost you will incur.
    If managed payroll services are outsourced to a third-party provider, it will help you save the costs of payroll management which include wages, garnishments, generating W2s, signing and distributing checks, payroll taxes as well as benefits such as medical and dental insurance.
    Outsourced managed payroll services can help your business to grow by doing more with less money. This is one of the main benefits that a small business can enjoy within a limited budget.
    Managed payroll services provide more efficient cost management with reduced or eliminated overtime costs.

  3. No Work Hassle

    Often includes a variety of tax reporting paperwork that is managed by the managed payroll service provider on behalf of the company paying them (such as forms W-A). So you can focus your energy elsewhere in managing your small business.
    With managed payroll services, these tasks are done efficiently, accurately, and without needing any additional input from you. This means less hassle when filing taxes come April 15th! And because all data is stored electronically; there’s no chance for human error either.

  4. Protect Yourself From Internal Revenue Services (IRS) Penalties

    Numerous small and large firms incur significant IRS penalties each year. The Internal Revenue Service agency reports that $845 is the average penalty amount paid as a result of incomplete or late filings. Payroll errors should not be ignored because, while they may irritate your staff, filings that contain errors or omissions create suspicion. These errors result in unfavorable occurrences like audits and even harsh punishments.
    Additionally, it’s nearly impossible for a small business to keep up with the most recent modifications to federal and state tax laws.
    Professional service providers can manage computations and filings with the utmost convenience and at a very low cost that, if you managed them otherwise, would cost you countless work hours and fines since they have to constantly stay up to date with all federal and state rules.

  5. Compliance Risk Management

    With the right partner, the small business can handle the payroll and tax regulations. Outsourced payroll management has access to experts in legislation, government regulations, privacy, security, and much more.
    They value small business clients. Also, they provide efficient, secure, and accurate payroll services to ensure all regulations are met.

  6. Advanced Security

    Due to the inherent hazards involved, processing payroll is a very complex procedure that necessitates extensive supervision. You could lose a fortune if your personal information is stolen. Yes, your personnel are reliable, yet it calls for intense security and monitoring.
    Without adequate security measures, it may be possible to alter firm data and steal money, both of which can result in significant losses. Providers of payroll services are required to have certain safeguards in place. Modern technology lowers the need for constant manual involvement by setting out timely alarms in the event of payroll fraud.
    Payroll fraud is prevented via data storage and protection procedures, numerous server locations, and a backup facility. Providers typically invest significant sums of money to implement such cutting-edge strategies, which are impossible for small businesses to implement internally. Manual bookkeeping is not as effective at deterring fraud as modern computerized systems. So it makes sense to outsource the payroll function to a vendor.

  7. Direct Bank Deposit

    Small businesses find it challenging to make direct bank deposits, which employees in these businesses frequently want.
    Every month, they have to distribute paper checks and handle a lot of paperwork to keep track of the payroll checks that have been distributed. Payroll outsourcing enables you to eliminate a lot of paperwork and the potential for fraud. Additionally, it takes less time and is error-free, which makes life simple for small businesses.

  8. Professional Group Of Specialists

    Payroll accounting outsourcing gives you access to a qualified team of specialists who thoroughly study and investigate governmental rules. Reputable payroll service providers have a skilled team of professionals who are able to handle benefits and deductions in the payroll system.
    Additionally, the staff does a pretty good job of handling workers’ compensation, responding to employee problems, and managing human resources in general, which is a benefit for your company.
    Check to see if a potential payroll service provider offers a 401k plan as part of your search. Since these transactions are an essential component of the system, including them in the strategy will help you succeed.

  9. Maintain Control

    Even with outsourced payroll services, small businesses will have control of their activities. Some fear that outsourcing the services implies a loss of control. It’s just a myth.
    With the help of managed payroll services, you can choose which tasks and payroll functions you want to hand over and which ones you prefer to keep in-house. Outsourcing is flexible. You can provide the details about what you expect from the payroll service management.
    This way you can better manage your tasks and time-consuming tasks are better taken care of.

  10. No costs for infrastructure or upkeep

    Internal payroll administration entails purchasing premium software and paying for upgrades. Since you always need to have the most recent tax tables placed on your systems, this is an extra time- and money-consuming difficult task that you cannot avoid; however, by outsourcing, you can easily put an end to these maintenance and infrastructure expenses difficulties.
    Additionally, as was already said, it also removes the risk of penalties resulting from improper filings.

  11. Enhanced Work Productivity

    Managed payroll services can be a boon to small business owners who have employees working remotely. They offer some of the best talents for remote work: knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in providing outsourced solutions that include employee management and payroll processing support.
    Having an outside provider handle your company’s HR functions allows you to focus on the primary tasks and distribute the work more efficiently.
    Managed payroll providers offer a wide array of services and flexible solutions to suit the needs of small business owners.

  12. No Risk Of Employee Loss For Internal Payroll

    You can easily simplify the payroll process by outsourcing payroll functionality. Additionally, multitasking, overworked payroll employee is free to leave at any time and take with them the skills they have developed throughout their employment.
    The risk is always present, especially for small organizations that depend on an employee to handle a variety of tasks. You can alleviate this tension by outsourcing payroll accounting to an outsourcing service provider. Additionally, output in terms of quality and accuracy will always provide you with an ROI that is multiplied.

  13. Improved Accuracy

    Payroll services must get the numbers right or the company could face stiff penalties from the government and suffer costly damages. An outsourced managed payroll provider can help you avoid those mistakes by providing a certified accountant who is knowledgeable about all of the rules, regulations, and tax codes that govern managed payroll services.

  14. Human Resource Management System That is Robust

    A reliable HRM system is now crucial for any business. In comparison to an internal manual human resource management system, outsourcing your payroll accounting gives you access to a powerful human resource management system that processes information more quickly and improves employee management.
    Your company might gain a competitive edge by selecting the best payroll service provider.


Without a doubt, a payroll service management solution is an excellent way for small business owners to provide professional and cost-effective managed payroll services. My Count Solutions is one of the local payroll service providers that look out for their client’s businesses to help them succeed in the future.

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