How Much Does a CPA Cost in 2021?

CPA Cost

Published: 07/30/20

An unwanted aspect of doing a business is paying taxes. Nobody likes to pay taxes or to prepare for it in the first place. One might wonder now, if you want your taxes done, then how much does a CPA cost will affect your business? Imagine it this way – hiring a professional CPA is the main course of action. If you do taxes on your own, and the IRS finds an error in it, you could be in hot waters. You do not want to be under the scrutinization of the auditors. So the safest means of doing your taxes is to hire a professional CPA.

But do you require a CPA or a bookkeeper? Maybe you are in need of an accountant?

Before you can ask the question “How much does a CPA cost” you need to first determine which type of accounting help you require.

What Does A Bookkeeper Do?

If you want to maintain the areas of data management, this is what you’ll need a bookkeeper for. Recording and processing the income, transactions, and all the financial information is handled. Usually, bookkeepers use accounting software that helps with accounting tasks.

They have to verify the business ledger, balance sheet and remove any errors if there are any.

How Much Does A Bookkeeper Cost?

The standard hourly rate for a bookkeeper is $16.67/hour. The bookkeeper’s job is simple in comparison to that of a CPA. they do not require formal training. Hence, the reason for the low pay. It is an affordable option for small businesses.

What Does An Accountant Do?

If you want advice to best manage your business finances, and the legal implications for the fiscal year, you will need an accountant.

They generate the financial statements and help regulate the business that fits the government regulations.

How Much Does An Accountant Cost?

An accountant’s job responsibility is at a higher level as compared to the bookkeeper’s. For instance, you can pay an accountant as little as $20/hour or as high as $100/hour. However, there is no standard pay for the accountant. It will vary based on the nature of the responsibility.

What Does A CPA Do?

Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) is even higher than an accountant. They analyze and report on the basis of the financial data. As a standard practice, a CPA is responsible to maintain the accounting policy, procedures, also include bookkeeping, monitoring, and reporting.

An accountant can perform the duty of the CPA however if you do have the chance to hire one you should opt for it.

How Much Does A CPA Cost For A Small Business?

According to the study, conducted in 2017, by the Journal of Accountancy:

The average CPA cost was $119,000 per year, while the cost of a fresh CPA was $66,000. However a CPA with more then two decade of experience can cost $152,000 per year.

Depending on the hour of need, small businesses are mindful when it comes to hiring a professional CPA. following are ideal perspectives for tax preparations according to which a small business can do the proper hiring.

CPA Cost

Business Taxes

The average CPA cost will depend on your business tax returns. The more complex they are the higher the cost will be. Ask the right questions when hiring a CPA;

  • Do you do freelancing occasionally or is it your substantial income?
  • Is your business an LLC or is it an S corporation?
  • Do you run a partnership or multiple LLC?

Depending on the nature of the business and the requirement, you can better decide how much you are willing to pay a CPA.

So if you are looking for tax preparation, clean up the books, arrange them by making them financially presentable, then you can expect to pay your CPA a little extra.

There are a number of options to consider.

Use Of Accounting Software

If you are the owner of a small business or a freelancer, you might think of doing your own taxes. Or you may think of hiring an on-site bookkeeper to do the tasks.

In case you are interested in doing the taxes on your own, you better start with the accounting software.

There are certain CPA portals that can be used to calculate the finances like Xero, My CPA Dashboard, etc. although these options may not fit a large firm’s requirement, they will best meet the needs of a small business.

In such a case, you need to pay for the subscription plan only. So the CPA cost will be diminished.

Tax Preparation Services

Sometimes a small business may not be comfortable and is smart enough to make the right choice by hiring tax preparation services. These companies are responsible to handle more complex taxes for the multi-person LLC. it is also suitable for all types of corporations.

Sometimes even the individual CPAs can do a great job too. The tax preparation company handles the deductions and credits and all other necessary input required for filing the taxes.

CPA Service Providers

A CPA is a professional who has qualified for the demonstrated skills.

Hiring a CPA is usually expensive as compared to tax service preparation services. But one sole advantage of CPA is that they help you save money in the long run. So how does CPA cost? It will depend on the hourly rates or the fixed fee rates you decide upon mutually.

Since CPAs are at the top pay scale their cost may vary from $150  to $250 per hour. In some cases, there CPA cost can go as high as $500 per hour.

Some factors that play a crucial role in the average CPA cost are;

  • Task difficulty. A simple business owner will not have to worry about higher taxes or CPA costs.
  • The business size. It will help indicate whether the CPA will be hired full-time or hourly based.
  • Locality. The cost of CPA will vary from one region to another. High commercial areas like NY city will make you cost more than Dallas.
  • Expertise. The years of experience under the CPAs belt determine the expertise. According to it, the prices may vary.

The cost of CPA for taxes for Form 1040 includes state returns also with Schedule A and Schedule C. this is only for small business firms.

Online CPAs

You may not run a multi-million dollar company. Hiring a CPA full-time is not in your best interest. But you still need a CPA for taxes. Instead of paying thousands of dollars, you can hire a virtual CPA. it can be an individual or a platform like My Count Solutions offering to develop a strong relationship with the firm and CPA.

For an online CPA firm you need to look out for certain qualities;

  • Customized services for businesses
  • Their availability 24/7 all year round
  • Service for data analysis of your business tax returns
  • Ability to handle all businesses including C corporations and so on.

The accounting world is highly saturated and competitive. When it’s about taxes and tax returns, you must embrace a company that offers exclusive solutions. Then you can better determine the CPA cost as per your need.

How To Reduce CPA Cost?

Despite the heavy charges, you can reduce the average CPA costs proactively. Here are some things you need to remember.

Strong Relationship

If you work with the same CPA firm or individual all year long, they become familiar with your business workings. They can spot the inconsistencies right away that otherwise may affect your books. This way you can develop a stronger relationship hence you can expect discounted rates.

Organizing The Documents

CPAs charge extra if they need to arrange or organize the documents chronologically from the very beginning. In case of lots of deductions, donations, expenses, and so on, you need to manage the files and keep your document organized to lower the CPA cost.


Before making big financial changes, consult the hired CPA firm. A client may decide to buy a car but it may not be in his best interest due to a limited budget. A CPA can provide the list of cars that the client might be qualified for and so on.

No Secrets

CPAs are the silent partners. More or less. If you withhold important information it may affect the tax preparation and errors may occur. CPA determines the best way to handle the financial crisis, maintain the client privilege in the event of tax litigation.

Best Choice For CPA For Your Business

Keeping the foremost important question in mind how much a CPA will cost you the above-mentioned business tax preparation options suffice enough to choose any one of them.

Turns out My Count Solutions is one of the exclusive online CPA service providers that help small businesses and startups run their business smoothly. The firm appoints qualified experts to the small businesses as per their requirements. With the right level of expertise, you can get the taxes right, worry less about the audits and keep planning about the company’s growth!

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