Businesses Expenses and Assets that Can Be Deduced from Taxation—Part 1


Published: 06/9/19

Businesses Expenses and Assets that Can Be Deduced from Taxation—Part 1

No one wants to give away their earnings in taxes. However, it’s the national and civic duty for every individual and business to file taxes. In fact, a good taxation system actually improves the index of ease of doing business. We will discuss this topic some other time.

While tax filing is indispensable, there are still legitimate ways through which people and businesses can reduce or put a cap on their taxable income. There are some authorized tax deductions that any business can avail of. In this two-part blog series, we will discuss them.

Your Marketing Expenses

Yes, you can deduct your promotional expenses from taxation. For that, it is essential to particularly outline them in your account bookkeeping.

Your Liability Insurance

In many instances, businesses need to cover through liability insurance as per the requirement of the given industry. Since this coverage is part of the business requirement, you can classify it out of the taxation net.

Business Vehicles

Vehicles that are being used at the business can also be deduced from the taxation. However, if you use a business vehicle for personal use as well, then this deduction might wear off. A comprehensive vehicle tax deduction also includes fuel and repair expenses. Work with an experienced tax preparation firm to make sure your business vehicles will remain non-taxable in the best possible manner.

Cost of Goods Sold

Even if you are running a small business, it is really important to take a complete account of the cost of goods sold. It the difference between your net and gross profit. Otherwise, you will be paying some hefty amounts to the regulators that could be saved. Work with some bookkeeping experts to put a definite number on the cost of goods sold. You are well within your rights to apply for the deduction of this amount from your taxable income.

Capital Expenditure

All the costs used up in buying equipment and assets are not taxable. However, there are some caveats attached to it. For instance, you can’t deduce the entire value of a purchased real estate all at once since you are not going to exhaust its use in a single fiscal year.

If you want to make the most of tax deductions, then it is recommended to file taxes with the help of any seasoned tax preparation firm. We will shed light on some more businesses that can be deduced from the taxation in the next part.

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