Best Small Business Bookkeeping And Tax Accountant In Texas

Small Business Bookkeeping

Published: 01/8/21

Thinking of doing business? Then you must think of taxes way ahead of their time too. Business and tax relation is somewhat like a marriage; it exists and the attention you need to give it cannot be denied or overlooked. If you do, be ready for the severe consequences. Everyone needs a financial consultant to look after their books. Whether it’s your bookkeeping or accounts management or preparation for the taxes, you need to hire bookkeeping services for the good of your business.

Professional Small Business Bookkeeping Services in Dallas

Texas is a great place to start your business. Whether it’s cattle farming, running a trailer park, manufacturing local goods and so on you will need to maintain your accounts at all costs. It may happen that you run a small business, so you may feel you can do the books by yourself. And this is where you are wrong.

There are several bookkeeping services for small businesses in Dallas that provide excellent services for accounting, bookkeeping, tax consultancy, and so on.

Factors to Keep in Mind To Choose Bookkeeping Services

1. Focus on your Business Needs

Be clear about hiring a bookkeeping service provider. Ask yourself how often you will need the services and do you want someone local or remote? It’s best to weigh the pros and cons when researching for the firm.

2. Service Cost

You need to figure out how much expense you can afford in hiring small business bookkeeping services. If you hire a full-time service then do remember to include their cost of annual salary taxes and so on.

3. Good Fit

The accounting services need to have the desired expertise in a similar line of work. So, when choosing the one make sure it’s a good fit according to the location, principles, core values, and so on.

Figure out whether the company is able to meet your business requirements or not.

4. Track Business Expenses

When outsourcing help for the business taxes, books, and accounts make sure the service providers keep you in loops. You must be able to track and file away the documents that are related to the business, expense, income, and so on.

Keeping these factors in mind you need to make a run for finding an adequate and professional service provider. For your ease, some of the best local bookkeeping services are mentioned down below so that you can have your pick.

Small Business Bookkeeping Services Providers

1. My Count Solutions

Bookkeeping simplified by the experts is what every small business needs. My Count Solutions offers an online optimized process and experts to manage your finances. Their list of services includes;

The vision is to be a helping hand for the small business practices to ensure clients their tax compliance at the state and federal levels. Using the services by My Count Solutions gives leverage to the clients as they nominate their best accounting expertise with in-depth experience for the work. As a client, you will have the chance to fit the valuable budgetary records for particular business needs.

2. Bledsoe Consulting Services

Your business is in need of taxation and filing then you can assure to work alongside a professional expert provided by Bledsoe Consulting Services in the form of

  • Business strategy
  • Quickbooks clean up
  • Tax advisory

The start-up was initiated by the entrepreneurial mind, Melanie a CPA. If you are looking for an individual to handle your taxations and everything related, then this just might be the right call to make. Clients have the power to make the best business decisions alongside a reputable CPA expert.

3. Crescere Group

Established in 2010, the Crescere Group is a re-startup from an existing tax business group. The initial aim was to focus on the small business clients to help them with

  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Business Financial Consulting
  • Business Tax Return Preparation
  • IRS Audits/Conflict Resolution
  • Small Business Consulting
  • Tax Filing
  • Virtual Consultations
  • Business Development Consulting
  • Business Planning
  • e-Filing Services
  • Past Tax Return Review
  • Start-up Business Consulting
  • Tax Planning

The high-quality services take care of the person’s tax needs for their clients and also offer customized services as per need. The interaction with the client is straightforward and they engage the client during the tax process too for constant updates.

4. BaCo Group

Established back in 2003, the BaCo Group comes with 17 years of accounting experience. The owner was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. The professional experts are Advanced Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisors with over more than 100 installations of QuickBooks for their small business clients throughout Dallas.

This group of professionals is a technology-driven firm that provides innovative reporting for the business, entrepreneurs, and investors.  Their services include

  • Technology
    • Seamless integration
    • Automated/consolidated online financial reporting
    • Eliminate redundancies
    • Command center
  • Taxes
    • Business taxes
    • Individual taxes
  • Accounting
  • Consulting

The aim of the BaCo Group is to evolve the customer experience and share the gruesome tasks that might burden their clients otherwise. The team of accountants is trained and certified and have attended QuickBooks Seminars too.

The Final Decision

Dallas is a natural hub for several small-scale businesses. For future prospects, one should always be concerned when hiring the firm. Untangle your business from the chaos of accounting and bookkeeping by hiring My Count Solutions with easy to understand, easy to follow, and open communication with the client.