3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Save on Taxes

3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Save on Taxes mycountsolutions

Published: 06/26/19

After the evaluation of extensive data furnished by bookkeepers over the years, it was found that nearly 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs pay more than the required amount in taxes. While we all know that nobody pays hefty taxes willingly, there is something in the taxation procedure that makes entrepreneurs and proprietors pay more.

As per seasoned bookkeepers and accounting experts that work with SMEs, entrepreneurs can save on their taxes via some entirely legitimate ways. Let’s look at some of the methods through which you can avoid tax overpayments legally.

1) Accountants Help Widen Your Spending

As an entrepreneur, you have the option to reduce your payable taxes down to zero by making smart spending. If your money is going into expanding your workforce or buying new equipment and marketing, then you are going to save a lot on payables.

However, make sure that these expenses entail some long-term benefits. If you spend $100 with a potential ROI in negative just to save, say, $10 on taxes, then it’s not worth it.  Every expense that you make to earn a tax deduction must have a profitable profile in the grand scheme of things.

2) Tie Private Expenses with Venture Expenses With The Help Of BookKeepers

Business expenses are deductible while private and personal expenses are not. Unlike other commercial decision-makers, entrepreneurs have the room to link their personal expenses with business expenses. Any seasoned tax preparation firm can effectively help you in lawfully declaring some of your personal expenses as business expenses to earn those sweet tax deductions.

These are some common maneuvers that could be made to mix personal expense with business expenses

  • Declaring your residence a home office
  • Declaring travel and education spending as overhead business expenses

Experienced accounting and bookkeeping experts from any reputable tax preparation firm can carve out many scenarios like these to save on taxes through this smart scheme.

3) Accountants Can Help Move You from Income to Capital Gain Tax

Income taxes are generally higher than capital gain taxes. According to professionals working at reputable tax preparation firms, some entrepreneurs also have the option to protect themselves from overpayments by changing their taxation classification from income to capital gain tax.

If you are really worried about your tax overpayments, then it’s time to go to professionals that take care of bookkeeping for small businesses. My Count Solutions is one such online tax preparation firm that can help you in resolving your entrepreneurial tax issues.